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Commercial Licences

A commercial licence for one of Breakfast Quay's technology libraries gives you the right to modify and redistribute that library in your own proprietary product.

Two sorts of licence are available: a standard licence with an attribution requirement, or a non-attribution licence. You can buy standard licences here online, or contact us to buy either sort of licence offline.

Technology Type Price ex.VAT Buy
Rubber Band Library Standard Licence £420 Buy now online
Read specimen copy
Ask for more information
Non-Attribution Licence £1120 Ask for more information
MiniBPM Standard Licence £150 Buy now online
Read specimen copy
Ask for more information
Non-Attribution Licence £400 Ask for more information
Dataquay Proprietary applications already permitted by BSD licence.
No commercial licence required

Small print: All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT (sales tax) in British pounds sterling (GBP).
VAT will be added at the checkout where applicable based on your location, and you will receive a VAT invoice on payment.

When you buy a licence, you get only the licence. These are not code download links! You must download, build, and evaluate the library you are interested in before you buy a licence for it. Proceed only when you are satisfied with the library.

What the standard licence offers you

The standard licence gives you the right to take the library code (that you have obtained from us under the GPL in the normal way) and then redistribute it in any number of end-user applications—so long as you give us credit prominently in your application. Please read the specimen copy (linked in the table above) carefully before buying.

What the non-attribution licence offers

The non-attribution licence is identical to the standard licence, except that you do not have to credit us in your application.

Payment and purchasing

Online payment is via PayPal. If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, just contact us directly.

When you buy a licence, you will receive a digital copy of the licence document stamped with your name and email address, and we will retain a record of the transaction so we know that you are authorized to distribute your software using the library.

You must ensure that the name of the purchaser is the same as that of the company that will publish your software. This is because the licence confers the right for the licensee to publish software using the library, so you need to ensure that the eventual publisher is the named licensee. If you can't do this with a PayPal payment, just contact us and arrange a bank transfer instead.

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