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Simple RDF for C++ and Qt applications

Dataquay is a free open source library that provides a friendly C++ interface to an RDF datastore using Qt4 or Qt5 classes and containers. Supported datastores are the popular and feature-complete Redland and the lightweight Sord.

Dataquay is simple to use and easy to integrate. It is principally aimed at Qt-based applications that would like to use an RDF datastore as backing for in-memory project data, to avoid having to invent file formats or XML schemas and to make it easy to augment the data with descriptive metadata pulled in from external sources. It's also useful for applications with ad-hoc needs for metadata management using RDF sources.

Dataquay does not use a separate database, instead using in-memory storage with separate file import and export facilities. Although it offers a choice of datastore implementations, the choice is made at compile time: there is no runtime module system to take into account when deploying your application.

Dataquay provides these features:

Much of the real work in Dataquay is done by the datastore implementation, with credit to Dave Beckett for his excellent Redland C libraries and David Robillard for the Sord library and for the Redland Trees store and Turtle I/O implementations. You will need to have the Raptor, Rasqal and Redland libraries, or Sord and Serd, installed in order to build and use Dataquay.

Big caveat: Dataquay was written for use in serious applications, but it is still an early release and the API may continue to change until the 1.0 release is reached.


Dataquay v0.9.1 source code
Download the source, with qmake project file
Visit the Dataquay code project
Including source code browser and issue tracker