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30 September, 2022

Rubber Band Library version 3.1.0 released with speed and code-quality enhancements

Version 3.1.0 of Rubber Band Library is now available.

Rubber Band Library is an audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library and utility designed for musical applications. It allows you to change the tempo and pitch of an audio recording independently of one another.

Following the release of version 3.0.0 which added the entirely new higher-quality R3 processing engine as an alternative to the traditional Rubber Band R2 engine, this release now provides a faster, more energy-efficient "draft" mode for the new engine. This can be enabled using the OptionWindowShort option on construction (an existing option that was previously only supported in the older R2 engine).

This release also includes a number of other enhancements, including support for the external speexdsp and sleefdft libraries and many code-quality improvements. See the CHANGELOG for more details.

For more extensive discussion of the changes in this release, please see this blog post, "Performance improvements in Rubber Band Library".

The API is unchanged and the library continues to be binary compatible with the 2.x and 1.x releases for existing applications. Code written to use earlier versions of the library can link and run against this version without alteration.