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17th December, 2020

Rubber Band Audio v2.0.0 now available!

It is with some joy that we announce version 2.0.0 of Rubber Band Audio, our friendly and useful little program for messing with the tempo and pitch of audio recordings.

This is a bug-fix, quality, and polish release. It includes an overall update to the user interface to make it work and look better on current operating systems, such as on Windows with high-DPI displays, and on recent versions of macOS with Dark Mode and redesigned icon shapes. It also includes native support for ARM architecture Macs ("Apple Silicon").

This release also adds an option to select which audio device is used for playback, adds support for the Opus file format, fixes some problems playing back audio with certain channel counts or sample rates, and fixes occasional audible artifacts when changing the pitch during playback.

Finally, for the first time we're making this release available for Linux as well as Windows and Mac. Linux has actually always been the primary internal development platform for our software, but shipping a commercial application on Linux is an experiment for us - do tell us if you think it's a great idea or a dreadful heresy, although we might be able to tell by just seeing whether anyone buys it.