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11th September, 2020

Breakfast Quay libraries have a new project home

Breakfast Quay library code is now hosted at SourceHut. Repositories can be found at and trackers at

Hitherto our Mercurial repositories were hosted using Bitbucket, but they recently switched off support for Mercurial - and on the 26th of August all of our former repos, along with their issue trackers and everything else hosted at Bitbucket, disappeared. We actually moved our primary repos to SourceHut some months ago, but users might not have noticed until now!

(The announcement from Bitbucket said that "repos, wikis, and snippets" would be disabled - it didn't mention issue trackers. But they were deleted too. We are intending to review old tracker entries and re-enter them where they are still relevant.)

We do apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.

We also maintain official mirrors on Github of our projects, and we monitor the issue trackers there as well. We don't take pull requests using Github though, so if you have a patch we'd welcome it by email or in a SourceHut tracker entry.