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25th July, 2015

Rubber Band Audio v1.9.0 now available!

Breakfast Quay announce Version 1.9.0 of Rubber Band Audio, a straightforward, friendly, and useful program for messing with the tempo and pitch of audio recordings for musical purposes.

This version supports selecting a range from a track, in order to audition, loop, or export a section of your music. It also adds keyboard shortcuts (the cursor keys) for speed and pitch, and complete hi-resolution rendering on Retina or hi-DPI displays. File export is sometimes faster than before and some bugs have been fixed.

This release also officially changes the name of the application from "Rubber Band Audio Processor" to "Rubber Band Audio". Not only is this shorter, it was also the name already used to identify the app in the Mac App Store and website URL even though the longer name appeared throughout the user interface.

Rubber Band Audio is available for Mac OS/X and Windows, both through the Mac App Store and direct from us at Breakfast Quay.