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21st March, 2011

Rubber Band Library version 1.6.0 released

Version 1.6.0 of the Rubber Band Library is now available.

Rubber Band is an audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting library and utility designed for musical applications. It allows you to change the tempo and pitch of an audio recording independently of one another.

This release adds a time-domain smoothing option to the library interface. This uses a window-presum FFT, introducing aliasing which is then smoothed using a sinc window. This can be used in combination with any of the existing processing control options. It will introduce audible time-domain artifacts for percussive transients, but the result may be successful for certain material that is not very amenable to stretching.

This release also fixes a silent-output bug for one channel when processing with the band-limited transients option, and adds support for the libresample library.

The library is binary compatible with version 1.5 for forward compatibility (values have been added to an existing enum). Code written to use 1.6 is not necessarily compatible with 1.5.